Tuesday, March 20, 2007

they make everything better...

chocolate chip cookies, that is...

Making some this morning.

Having a rough start to our week.

I had to take away Gwyneth's T.V. privilege yesterday. No T.V. all day today! (Lord give me strength! ha!) She was having some attitude issues and I spent literally a half an hour in the car with her crying and carrying on! (Very unusual for her! And very nerve racking for me!)
This all happened while David went to meet a guy who is selling a truck. He parked Gwyneth and I in the NAPA Auto Parts parking lot and took the truck for a joy ride. He did not return for half and hour! Neither him nor I thought it would take that long! This was during dinner time too so we were all starving...well Gwyneth and I. David was so enamoured with this truck to really notice!

In other "uplifting" news:
We have become victims of the ARMY's wonderful pay system! Back in December they, unbeknownst to us, overpaid us...$238.83. (You have to be paying REAL close attention, especially during a PCS (move) for discrepancies like this. Lesson-now-learned!)
Drop in the bucket for them...not so much for us, especially when they take every penny of that out of one paycheck! Hmm...gotta love it!

I hate being so negative, but I just have to vent sometimes!

On a lighter note: here are a few favorite photos from this weekend!


  1. Wow. Those pics are amazing! My favorite has to be the first one of Gwyneth. Awesome!


  2. Sorry you had a bad day! I hate those... Hope your weekend is much better! :) Love the pictures... she is so pretty. By the way, do you have the recipe you talked about in a post a few months ago... the chocolate chip cookie one you got from a lady online. If you could email that to me, I'd love to try it! Thanks!


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