Friday, March 23, 2007


I am so ready for the weekend! This week flew by, but was a bumpy one for me!
It took me three days just to make a grocery list and I just started the shopping part yesterday! To complete my shopping I have to shop at three separate stores because I cannot purchase everything in one place! We checked two off the list yesterday and should complete our shopping this evening at the last store! "Ugh!" (<----said in my best Gwyneth voice) My car is at the dealer having repairs (under warranty thank goodness) ALL day today, so I am car-less... Had the most horrible encounter with a very rude man at said car dealer this morning. Put me in a funk for a few hours. On to more positive things... here are a few things that make me HAPPY today:
  • a pork roast slow cooking in the crock pot in preparation for my Grandaddy's FAMOUS BBQ treatment! Every year at Christmas my Grandaddy pit BBQ'd a hog. His BBQ sauce was out of this world, and TOP SECRET for many years. My mother got the recipe and shared it with me a few years ago. I cannot wait to eat this yummy stuff! My mom gave me tips on how to adapt the recipe to home cooking.
  • homemade pizza dough rising away in the bread machine. It is Pizza Night. It will be our first ever "Homemade Pizza night." I plan on making our pizzas every Friday from here on out! I got all the fixin's for pepperoni (Gwyneth's), Hawaiian (David's), and veggie (mine) pizzas! I'm also going to use some home made spaghetti sauce (Grandmother's recipe-which my Dad makes every time I am home) for the pizza sauce.
  • talking to my mommy on the telephone! (yes, I said Mommy it's been "that" kind of week :o) I have managed to talk to her more this week than the last three months combined. Every time I have called her has been perfect too! She's either just sitting down to take a break, or packing, and welcoming the distraction. (They are moving the end of this month to a house they just bought in North Carolina.)
  • laundry that is almost done! No 8:00pm folding for me! I hate when I let the laundry go and have to do it that late in the evening!
  • looking at these sitting on my scrap table. Recycled Blooms (found in the March 2007 issue of Parents magazine.) We made them out of the many empty toilet paper rolls I just knew I would find something to do with! Oh, and the "vase" is an empty grits container that I covered in pretty patterned paper with Modge Podge! They just make me smile! They were such a fun craft, and involved recycling! Always a good thing!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Nice job of getting past the bad and finding some good! Tim

  2. I'm sorry to hear things have been somewhat dampening lately. Just remember it's God's good work on us that we'd beg for if we could really see it all from His perspective! I laughed out loud when you mentioned having to fold laundry so "late" in the evening - 8pm!!! I wish that 8pm was anywhere remotely on the same planet as "late in the evening" for me! Much love and prayers your way.


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