Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweetest Little Five Year Old

(who will be six in 11 days!)

I had been on the phone with David this morning, and when we had finished our conversation I realized I hadn't heard Gwyneth for a little while. As a parent, you automatically assume that silence means something is terribly wrong...
Upon finding her, this is what met my dis-believing eyes! My sweet little girl had went into our bedroom and folded the load of laundry I had dumped on the bed earlier! I was shocked! She did an amazing job!

This morning she also prepared a morning tea party for the two of us. I love this little girl!


  1. Awww ... how sweet ! And you're right, she did do a great job ! I can't believe she is almost six !! That is crazy !

  2. That's really cute... and she did do a good job from what I see!! :) I can't believe she's almost 6 either!!

  3. I saw your link on Bonnie's blog (Bonnie is a friend of my cousin Ally who is on her blog - long story). What a lovely blog you have, and your little girl is so gorgeous. My daughter is nearly 4 and I have to say with her silence means - oh oh, something not too good is going on.


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