Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ugh! I did it again!

Yesterday I went into the local grocery store to purchase a couple items that are cheaper than at the commissary. I went in without a list, on a Friday evening...two no-no's right there...
I come to the produce section and see a crowd gathered around the pineapples...what's the deal.? I read the sign hanging from the display: "$1.79" SCORE! Pineapple for a $1.79 I grab one up!

Today I am entering our receipts in the checkbook and glance at the entry for "pineapple....3.39lb. @ $1.79/lb, $6.05" WHAT?!
Do you think their return policy covers produce? *sigh*

I have an awesome recipe to try with it though. WE ARE GOING TO LOVE EVERY BITE OF THIS PINEAPPLE!
Maybe I'll even weave a basket from the top leaves. HA!

*P.S.* The recipe above comes from my new *favorite* show Take Home Chef. Gwyneth will even stand to watch it with me. I think she even has a little crush on Curtis, even though she has no clue what a "crush" is. I was on the site last night looking for the above recipe and she saw a picture of him and said "I really like his hair!" "He's so handsome!"


  1. Welcome to Alaska! It gets better during the summer though. And if you ever venture to the state fair you will find the largest produce you will ever see in your life!

    But uh yeah. I wouldn't shop outside of the commissary unless it were life and death. Sams and Costco aren't too bad though, their produce is actually good priced and better quality than the commissary.

  2. Thats one expensive pineapple!
    And awe, Gwyneth is too cute.
    We miss ya'll up here! It's hot here today!



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