Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Our morning started really late for us. David and I didn't turn on the lights until around 9:30am. Of course we can't rely on the sunrise to wake us. We've wondered just how long we would sleep without an alarm. I set mine for 8 every morning, so I don't sleep too late. I guess we found out this morning that we can't get past 9am...
Last night we wrapped the couple presents that we got for Gwyneth to open this morning. She had been asking the past couple days if we had gotten any presents for her. We teased her and said we already had Christmas in San Antonio before we moved. She was happy when we invited her into our room this morning and had her presents for her. We just got her two CD's (Dora's World Adventure, and Veggie Tales Worship songs.) a DVD (Nanny McPhee) a set of girly rings, and another set of Littlest Pets to go with her little house we bought her when we arrived here. We cuddled in bed the rest of the morning watching "A Christmas Story." TBS has been playing it all day. Such a classic! Hilarious! We did catch part of our traditional Christmas movie "Christmas Vacation" the other night.
The rest of the day was spent just hanging around our room. Gwyneth has had a slight fever all day. Of course being Christmas, nothing is open. So no thermometer, or Children's Tylenol. We had to resort to cutting a 325mg tablet and having her swallow that. She did surprisingly well. I made Mexican Chicken Soup for dinner. Now I think we will just settle in for the night and watch a movie. We get the keys to our house tomorrow! Yay! We're going to start taking things from our room over there, and I am going to clean. Can't wait to move in!

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