Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I finally figured out the wireless router! I had to just give up last night. Woke up fresh this morning and got it right away! Dummy me, I had two of the cords swapped in the wrong outlets. Ugh! What an unecessary headache! If I had just had fresh eyes last night!
Yipee! Now we have both computers hooked up to the internet!
On to getting this computer monitor colors to look right... I'm asking another favor. Have a look at the photo to the left and tell me which looks best to you. Left or Right?


  1. hey Khrista,

    I like the one on the left. I think it looks more natural.

  2. Yeah I already told you, but the left....I think they are both GREAT though depending on what affect you like! You are an AWESOME photographer!!Love ya


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