Friday, September 01, 2006

reason for my absence

I have a good reason for not posting in a week! I finished the proof album for the wedding I shot in July and mailed it out yesterday. Editing 100 pictures, ordering prints, a nice album, and then assembling the album after everything arrives is a LOT of work. My work there is still not done though, as I am including at least 50 more images on the CD I am sending her! So I have 50 or more images to edit. It has been a great experience though! The wedding was for my sister's best friend Heather. I shot it while home on vacation. You can see a few of the images here: James & Heather
I also shot my first official maternity session two weeks ago, and finished proofing all her photos. This is one of my favorites to date. My friend Steve so graciously opened up his home studio to us for this session. He has been an amazing encouragement and is a great teacher! He is a High School teacher by trade, and a photographer as a part time business.
Since it's been so hot here lately, the air conditioned studio was much appreciated. More so I am sure by the girl I was photographing!
Here is the link to her album. Megan


  1. Well I finaly realized that there was a whole album for the maternity shoot....And I have to say all the lighting seems PERFECT! and I LOVE the outdoor ones with the cowgirl hat! it just adds SO much to the pic! Good job

  2. Wow! Those pictures turned out great! I LOVE the maternity ones!! I think when I am pregnant I will have to fly you down here from Alaska to do mine. :) Great job!


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