Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i love my hubby

He can "fix" anything!

I went to start our rotisserie chicken tonight and the timer is broken on the rotisserie machine! I was so bummed! This is why God gave me David. I would have never thought to get the vice grip! (He calls it "old faithful" and says between that and a hammer he can fix anything!)


  1. That is so funny! Old faithful ! That is still making me giggle !!

    I have a rotisserie too. I love it. Doesn't it make dinner soooo easy ? Just stick the chicken in and forget about it til it's done ! I use mine a lot. Can you do other meat in yours ? I have done a roast beef in mine and it was delicious !!

    Love, Bon

  2. Aren't they nice to have around... for a variety of reasons! :) I don't have a rotisserie, but it looks cool. Maybe I'll get one... after I get the food processor/ juicer I want! :)


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