Wednesday, May 10, 2006

When she wants you to carry her to her bed after her bedtime stories she says "I want a 'piggy-bank' ride!" (instead of piggy-back)

She asked me the other day as we were in the bathroom primping..."Mommy, is God going to make me have a baby someday?" I answered "Well you should probably get married first." She said "Oh yeah, right..."

I overheard an outburst the other day while she and her daddy were playing his Cabela's Outdoor Adventures game on the Playstation. They were apparently "fishing" and Gwyneth yells "NOT ANOTHER CRAPPIE FISH!" I was unaware of what she was yelling about and came in and aksed "Did my daughter just say 'NOT ANOTHER CRAPPY FISH'?!" David points out that it is the type of fish they had caught and that we mispronounce it with a short a instead of a long a! ha!

She still calls music "noo-sic."

Calls fragile items "glassable."

I'm sure there are a ton of other cute things she says, but these are what I can remember at the moment!

:sigh: Out of the mouth of babes...


  1. Cute! Kids are so fun! At Garrett's baseball game the other night, Isaak yelled to the batter "Keep the ball on your eyes!"

  2. She is so precious! and that picture of her is great, perfect for this post!

  3. Too cute!!

    I like Aubrey's when she's running and trying to beat us.. "I'm the weiner"... cracks me up every time.


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