Wednesday, May 31, 2006

49 Days and Counting!

Last week I suggested to Gwyneth that we make a paper chain with the amount of days until we go and visit Nana and Da and all our other family in Virginia. She was asking me everyday "How many more days till we go see Nana?"
Since she loves doing anything crafty she loved making this. We wrapped it around the headboard of her bed and she rips one off every night before the lights go out.


  1. Cute! I remember making those when my Dad was out to sea... :) I'm sure you guys are so excited! I am looking forward to you coming here if that still works out! :)

  2. Great Idea. I can't wait to see you guys either. I love her room.

  3. oh I can't find the usb cable to my camera, and that's why there are no pics on my site yet!


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