Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Playdoh Creation

Just a couple pictures to show just how creative Gwyneth can be! She pulled out the Playdoh yesterday and this is what she created:
"The Circus Train"

And these are just a couple snapshots of Gwyneth watching Daddy play his hunting game on Playstation. The second image she is making a gesture for a deer I think. So cute! She loves to sit and watch her daddy play his games. I wasn't too sure about the hunting game...I thought it might bother her that he is hunting cute little deer. Not so...there is a part where you can fish also. I encourage David to play that more when she is watching.


  1. Cute train! I love Playdoh! :)

  2. She is a creative genius !! That's amazing sculpting ! My kids make snakes and stab them with the play doh tools !

  3. WOW, she made all of that by herself while we were on the phone?! she is going to be a great artist!


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