Sunday, March 05, 2006

More soccer pictures...

I made a little slideshow of some of the best photos from yesterday's game...You can find it here:
(Turn your speakers up, there is a little background music!)
Just a restful Sunday here... Since after church we've pretty much just hung out together, David and Gwyneth are working on her pine car for the AWANA Grand Prix coming up on the 25th. The AWANA clubbers purchase a pine wood car for $1 and modify it with paint, decorations and such. Then they all race against their age group. David is loving creating her car with her. She chose to make her wood block to look like a VW Van. Should be pretty cool. I have taken some photos of the progress and will post some photos when it is finished!

Here are two photos I asked David to take today. I hate that I am not in many pictures with Gwyneth. I plan to plop the camera in David's hands more often...
Take care!


  1. Great pictures! Good job David! I have that problem too... I'm rarely in pictures. :) Cute soccer pics also!

  2. khris-

    Great pictures of you two! I know what you mean about not having very many pictures with 'you' in them. I have also begun to hand over the camera to either Bre or Andrew. To tell you the truth though I am still more comfortable behind the camera than I am in front of it. :)


  3. super super sweet photos! I started doing the same thing after I got pregnant last year, I'm finally IN the scrapbooks with my kids, lol...

  4. well I havent looked on here in a while...but am I have alot to look at! yeah Dave, great job on the pics! I alos want to be in more of the pictures with the kids!


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