Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekend in Review

Our weekend was great! How was yours?

We had a few bumpy moments...well My Love and I. Discussion of his impending re-enlistment...or not...Lots of unknowns...not sure which path we will take. Praying the Lord gives us some clear direction...and soon. My Love's re-up date is in July! Ahhh! Only 5 months away! Needless to say things are a little stressful concerning that aspect of our lives. My Love has been in the military our entire marriage + a year! I can't imaging life on the outside, but am trying to have an open mind.

Saturday we picked up Pop-Pop and went out to lunch at Applebee's. My Girl didn't eat anything but french fries and Pop-Pop's garlic toast. Maybe we should have eaten at "The Grape Sign." (My Girl has called Olive Garden that since she could talk, and any time we ask her where she would like to eat out, this is her answer!) After lunch we went out to Grahamcracker's gravesite to place a new flower arrangement out there. It's a pretty combination of artificial red and white roses. She would have liked them. We plan to put flowers out seasonally. Next will probably be around Easter. Maybe lilies or some bulbs. Laura and her family met us out there. It was the first time her daughters had been to Grahamcraker's gravesite.
After that we headed out to drop Pop-Pop off, and stayed and watch t.v. until he went to church. We then came home for an hour or so and baked and decorated sugar cookies. I had bought the Pillsbury Valentine sugar cookie dough sheets that you can use your cookie cutters to make any shape you want. EASY PEASY! (My new favorite phrase...hey, when you have kids you can say ridiculous things!) We had fun and made all kinds of shapes, Christmas, Easter, Valentines...etc.

Pizza night has been moved from Friday to Saturday, for a trial basis. I personally like it on Fridays because it doesn't matter how late we stay at Pop-Pop's or how many games of "Golf" (card game) we play... we know we can sleep late on Saturday, but when we have Pizza Night on Saturday it makes it really difficult for us to get up and go to church the next morning. We almost didn't go this week... I guess it will just require much determination on our parts.
We had a Birthday celebration for My Girls's oldest cousin. She turned 14! We had some yummy Strawberry Surprise cake and watched her open her gifts.

Sunday, we did make it to church. After lunch My Love, My Girl and I re-arranged our living room. I like the way it is now. My Love complained that he can't see the t.v. as well now...but oh well. We don't watch much anyway...Although I have to say, him and I are pretty addicted to the season DVDs of Alias. I borrowed the first season from the library. I had only seen parts of a few episodes prior to now. It's always on when My Girl is still up, so I don't watch it. With the DVDs we can watch after she is in bed.

Later Sunday evening we went to out shopping and My Love bought My Girl and I fishing poles. We plan to go fishing real soon. Since none of us care to eat fish, we will probably catch and release fish...My Girl and him had a great time out back later practicing casting. It was so cute. I love to watch My Love and My Girl interact. He can come down to her level so much easier than I. I think God designed fathers for that reason...children's first playmates...

So that recaps our weekend. It's supposed to be nice and sunny this week with highs in the upper 70's My Girl and I are off to wash my's in desperate need of a bath!
"Toodle-loos"... (My Girl says that at the end of any phone conversation with family members.)


  1. I am so happy you guys had such a great weekend! We did too, we went out for our anniversary! those pics of Dave and Gwyneth are just great! you have gotten pretty good at the black and white...looks right to me!

  2. We had a pretty good weekend too, though probably not as eventful as yours. Just a lot of time hanging out with family and friends. It was pretty nice here over the weekend, so we got to take a couple of walks, and have a picnic at the park with my family (unfortunately, Robert had to work Saturday so he missed that). Glad we did... now it is gloomy and raining. :( If you guys ever have more kids, I don't know if Gwyneth will know what to do with herself!! I think it's great that she has such a special relationship with her daddy. :)

  3. Good luck with the career decision too! Change is always hard!

  4. Oh,How it warms my heart to see you all enjoying each other.It reminds me so much of when you all were little.Enjoy every minute,for they grow up and have their own fun so quick.I love yall's.Mom


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