Friday, February 10, 2006


just a lone little leaf hanging on...perhaps waiting for a glimpse of Spring?
thought it was interesting that this one leaf was hanging on while new buds are already forming...

been very occupied lately with the ton of photos I took of Gwyneth on Wednesday. I shared three in the previous post, but that's just a little taste. I hope to load all of them into an album online for all of your viewing pleasure! I am starting to feel really comfortable in Photoshop, and have been trying new techniques. It's time consuming, but I am very excited by all that I am learning.

also...the iron bed was delivered on Tuesday! It's BEAUTIFUL! We got a mattress for it last night and Gwyneth slept in a bed three times the size of her previous one all by herself! We haven't gotten any new bedding for her, so it's a mish-mash of things we already had. This chenille blanket was Mom R.'s mother's. Fitting, since the bed was her father's. I love family heirlooms. The history and sentimental value behind them. The master crafstmean who refinished this bed said it probably dates back to the turn of the centruy. Late 1800's early 1900's.
Now if any of you want to visit, there is a big guest bed! No more air mattress!

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  1. she is such a fairy princess! so beutiful. and that bed! what an heirloom! I also love them. I really like cheniell too, as you know, so I wouldn't change a thing about her bedding...just think she is sleeping with great grandma and grandpa!


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