Tuesday, November 08, 2005

nothing much

I already typed a long entry, but took too long to post it, so I was signed out! argh! I'll sum up the past few days quickly.
Sunday we stayed home from church because My Girl wouldn't be allowed in there with her cough. I wouldn't have taken her anyway...she sounded horrible. We did go to the Air Show since it was outside and 
My Girl couldn't get anyone sick there. She was miserable though. She whined almost the entire time. We were not prepared for this at all. It was stinkin' hot, sunny and hear 90 degrees. David and My Girl could have used hats, and sunglasses, and I got sunburned of course! We were only there two hours too! We would have left sooner, had we not run into Laura (David's sister) and her family. Of course My Girl perked right up when she saw them. We wandered around with them a while. I didn't get great pictures. Totally not my element. I was going to leave my camera at home, but David mentioned taking it.

We stayed home from gymnastics today. I knew 
My Girl wouldn't be able to run around like she normally does. Bummer too, because it was a gloomy day and she could have used to running around.

We aren't going to Bible Study tomorrow. We'll have to hit the library before school gets out or something. Got-to-get-out-of-this-house! Going-stir-crazy! We will be stopping to pick up the new
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD. My Girl has wanted it since we saw it in the theater. David and I loved it as well.

So, for now we are just taking it easy here. Being lazy, watching a lot of movies! (well 
My Girl is.) I did get out for a couple hours yesterday all by myself! I asked David if he would mind and he said no. So I went to the scrapbook store: gave myself a $10 limit. I only got a few pieces of paper. I won't be going back to that store, poor selection. I didn't spend my whole $10 there. I went to Walmart and bought the new Scrapbooks Etc. magazine for inspiration, I picked up some paints and a plaster of paris puppy figurine for My Girl to paint. I also got her some generic watercolor paints. They are already almost gone! Stick with Crayola! I stopped by Starbucks to top my outing off with a Tall Caramel Frappuccino. Yum...

I have a great hubby for staying home with our sick girl and giving me a break!

I'll leave you all for now, before I get signed out again!

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