Wednesday, October 19, 2005

sorting through

Being the only one around here who scrapbooks...I have acquired all of Grahamcracker's scrapping supplies. She has many! It is sort of bittersweet because I miss her, but going through all this stuff helps me remember the good times. She is the one who got me hooked on scrapbooking. She used to call me anytime she was going to the scrapbook store to see if I wanted to go. I would always say yes. And she would always foot the bill. She was so generous and passionate about preserving memories. She always loved seeing my latest page. She was so proud of them! Even when she was so sick, all she could muster was a faint groan of excitement. I miss being able to show her...So, as I go through these things that were so special to her, I remember her...and miss her...


  1. Hi Khrista,I miss her too,I could always count on her being there for you when I couldn't.She was a grest "MoM".I love you ,mom.

  2. MOM would be so HAPPY you are doing this. I LOVE it.
    PIZZA nite was great THANKS

    LOVE dad


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